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Trump pardon blames ex-Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski

Trump pardon blames ex-Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski

Trump pardon blames ex-Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski

Trump pardon blames ex-Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Trump pardon blames ex-Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski

Trump: One of President Trump’s final demonstrations in the workplace is to acquit an earlier Google engineer who was sentenced for taking proprietary improvements.

Anthony Levandowski labored for Google’s self-driving car division, presently referred to as Waymo, previous to leaving to ascertain Otto, a self-driving truck group that was gained by Uber. He was condemned to 12 months and a half in jail in August, with deciding William Alsup portraying the incident because the “greatest proprietary innovation wrongdoing I have ever seen.”

“My family and I are thankful for the opportunity to push ahead and appreciative to the President and others who maintained and upheld for my advantage,” Levandowski mentioned in a tweet insisting the pardon.
Levandowski was discovered to have downloaded an enormous variety of data to his PC earlier than he left Google and went in to deal with conversations.

Uber ultimately terminated him after Google sued, and Levandowski stays in a battle in court docket with the ride-hailing group, asserting it must be in danger for the $179 million he was requested to pay Google. In a unique swimsuit, Levandowski has contended Uber owes him billions of {dollars} in misplaced an incentive from the Otto discount.

Levandowski by no means began his sentence, as Alsup permitted it to be postponed uncertainly in gentle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per an assertion from the White House, Levandowski’s acquittal was upheld by figures from the tech enterprise together with doubtful extraordinarily wealthy particular person speculator Peter Thiel, particular person Founders Fund confederate Trae Stephens, Thiel Capital COO Blake Masters, Hollywood specialist and Palantir counsel Michael Ovitz, and Oculus and Anduril organizer Palmer Luckey.

Trump has exculpated 72 others and pushed the jail sentences of 70 extra. The rundown incorporates rappers Lil Wayne, who confessed to a weapons possession cost a 12 months in the past, and Kodak Black, who’s at current in jail on weapons prices. Trump likewise allowed an exoneration to Steve Bannon, the earlier Breitbart News supervisor who stuffed in as boss planner to Trump till his bitter takeoff in 2017.

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Chinese military holds amphibious landing exercise near Taiwan after US Senators visit

Chinese military holds amphibious landing exercise near Taiwan after US Senators visit
Getty Image

Chinese troops arrived in a swampy area near Taiwan a few days after a group of American senators visited the remote island by military plane as a sign of support.

According to a statement issued by the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theatrical Command, the 72nd Army Group conducted maritime training that included navigating submarine vehicles and attacking by reaching undisclosed waters in southern Fujian Province, southern China. The Hong Kong Post reported on Wednesday.

The descent on bicycles is an important step in getting troops into an island such as Taiwan, which Beijing considered to be its rebel province. Beijing has never abandoned the use of military tactics to include Taiwan, an independent island that China claims as its territory.

On Monday, China launched an ambassador to the United States over the visit of three U.S. senators to Taiwan, saying the United States should suspend any form of official contacts with Taipei.

Worryingly in Beijing, senior members of the Senator boarded a military plane to Taiwan to announce a donation of vaccines.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a press conference that their visit had seriously violated China’s policy and the three China-American communications that the United States once said would follow.

Wang urged the United States to immediately suspend any form of legal exchanges with Taiwan, in order to handle the Taiwan issue carefully and not to send an inappropriate message to the “Taiwanese Freedom” movement to avoid further damage to US-China relations. Peace and stability in Thailand Strait.

China’s Ministry of Defense strongly condemned the visit of three U.S. senators to Taiwan, calling it a “disgusting political challenge” that challenges China’s authority and aims to achieve the ultimate goal of “preventing China”.

In addition to vaccines, the biggest challenge in China is American military planes parked on the runway, reports CNN.

The U.S. delegation arrived at Taiwan International Airport in Taiwan in a US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III truck – a U.S. military aircraft.

China opposes US arms sales in Taiwan.

On May 19, an American arcade went through Taiwan Straits, protesting China’s claims in the region as Beijing called Taiwan as part of its territory.

The 7th Fleet of the US Navy said in a statement that “the passage of the ship through Taiwan’s crisis shows America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

China is increasingly concerned about US policy towards Taiwan.

China, for its part, has committed itself to unite the island with China and has strengthened military forces in the region. Beijing is strongly opposed to the current Taiwanese President
Tsai Ing-wen, a staunch supporter of Taiwan’s independence.

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US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border
Getty Image

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday defended himself against Republican critics who criticized him for his first trip to Mexico and Guatemala instead of visiting the US-Mexico border, saying he had crossed the border and would do it again.

After meeting with Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico City, Harris told reporters that “he has been to the border before and will be back again.”

Harris, who has been a member of the U.S. Senate from California since 2017 and traveled to the country as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, did not specify when he last visited the border.

President Joe Biden has asked him to work to reduce the number of immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border. She has said his main focus is on the causes and major causes of migration. He also visited Guatemala on his first overseas trip since taking office.

Some Republican lawyers have asked Harris to consider a border crossing, where migration has reached the highest level in 20 years and where assistance is urgently needed.

Harris, who has not been to the border since he became vice president, did not say when he would visit.

He defended his choice to travel south of the border in response to repeated questions from journalists, stressing the need for Biden management to address the root causes of migration to Central America.

“You can’t say you care about boundaries without caring about the causes,” Harris said.

However, he also described the situation on the southern border of the United States as “legal, legitimate”.

Harris noted that the US-Mexican border security cooperation included “the task of processing migration in Mexico and its southern borders.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki also said she did not have a possible travel schedule, but stressed that Harris’s job was to focus on Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

“Their job was to work with countries and leaders in the North Triangle to address the root causes, to address corruption, and we are definitely working together to address the crisis,” Psakis told White House reporters.

“We do not take advice from former President Trump or most of the Republicans who criticize us,” added Psakis.

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Police did not clear protesters so Trump could hold photo op, U.S. watchdog finds

Police did not clear protesters so Trump could hold photo op, U.S. watchdog finds
Image Credit: reuters

A U.S. government watchdog reported Wednesday that state police had not removed protesters from a park near the White House last summer so that former President Donald Trump could go to a nearby church to take pictures.

In the report, by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Inspector General said US Park police violently abducted people from Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020, as part of a plan early in the day to install a fence contractor.

The report said U.S. park police had begun using the fence “for a few hours” before hearing about Trump’s visit to the park, which took place later that day.

“We found that the USPP had the power and ability to evacuate Lafayette Park and its surrounding areas on June 1,” a government observer said in a statement. “The evidence we have found does not support the conclusion that the USPP cleared the park for the President to inspect the damage and go to St. John’s Church.”

The report advised US park police to develop more detailed mass dispersal policies and to improve cooperation between state agencies.

The report has drawn criticism from Democrats in Congress, who have blamed government officials for using pepper to wipe protesters off the streets and in the streets.

“I come from this report, which is questionable on the nature presented here,” said Raúl Grijalva, a California Republican, chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee.

“The attack on Lafayette Square has been televised several times around the world and has raised serious questions about why armed lawmakers have attacked peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional rights,” Gritzalva said. I seem to know myself. ”

Trump described the report as “liberal” in a statement.

“As we said earlier, and we debated today’s detailed and professional report, our Park Police decided to clear the park to allow the contractor to safely install the unused fence,” Trump said.

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Horror, Gallantry Mark fatal Shooting at California Rail Yard

Stephanie Jayne, right, hugs a friend at a vigil at City Hall in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, May 27, 2021, in honor of the multiple people killed when a gunman opened fire at a rail yard the day before

Horror, Gallantry Mark fatal Shooting at California Rail Yard
Image Credit: (AP Photo/Nic Coury)

Horror, Gallantry Mark fatal Shooting at California Rail Yard

fatal Shooting -Taptejdeep Singh died trying to save others from assailant Kirk Bertolet, seeing some of his colleagues dying.

And friends, family, and survivors were left mournful after nine men died this week when disgruntled colleagues carrying bags full of guns and ammunition opened fire in the complex, Northern California.

Samuel Cassidy, 57, turned a shotgun at himself when police were arrested on the balcony of the shooting scene.

Investigators are still trying to investigate Friday what might upset Cassidy, who apparently had years of dissatisfaction with the workplace he hated.

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The victim was Alex Ward Fritch, 49 years old, Paul de la Cruz, Megia, 42; Tepthep Singh, 36 years old, Adrian Ballesa, 29; Jose de Jesus Hernandez. 35; Timothy Michael Romo, 49; Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40 years old. 63; And Lars Kepler Lane, 63.

The onslaught of the meeting was both fearful and courageous.

Singh, the father of a 3-year-old son, and a 1-year-old daughter were in their early days as a light rail operator when filming began.

He called another transport worker to warn him, saying that he had to go out or hide.

“From what I have heard, he spent the last part of his life making sure people, both indoors and elsewhere, remain safe,” colleague Sukhvir Singh, not affiliated with Taptejdeep Singh, said in a statement.

Singh’s brother Bagga Singh said he had been informed of his brother. “Locked a woman in the control room to hide,” San Jose Mercury News reported. “He helped her and ran down the stairs.”

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