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Iraq: 11 civilians dead, 6 wounded in IS attack in Baghdad

The Islamic State extremist group attacked a village northeast of Baghdad killing at least 11 civilians and wounding six others, Iraqi security officials said.

Iraq: 11 civilians dead, 6 wounded in IS attack in Baghdad
IS attack kills 11 civilians, injures 7 others in Baghdad. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Iraqi officials have blamed Islamic State terrorists for killing at least 11 people north of Baghdad. The once-powerful group has reserved only extraordinary strikes in recent years.

Iraqi security officials have blamed Islamic State (IS) activists for a town attack in eastern Iraq on Tuesday that killed 11 people and injured six others.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in the town of al-Rashad, near the town of Barqouba in Diyala state.

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IS members reportedly abducted two local people and opened fire on other residents after they refused to pay, reports the Associated Press, citing local sources.

Many Iraqi security forces live in the area and most of the victims are from the Bani Tamim tribe and the provincial governor Diyala, AFP reported.

Islamic threats still exist

Islamic State-directed violence has been rare since 2017 when a terrorist group lost several of its most active territories in 2014.

However, they remain asleep and the authorities have to deal with attacks on soldiers, power stations, and other infrastructure.

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A UN report released earlier this year said about 10,000 ISIS troops were still operating throughout Iraq and Syria.

In July, a Sunni group detonated a roadside bomb in the Baghdad area, killing at least 30 people. They also say they are guilty of attacking two suicides in a busy market in the capital Shiite province that has left at least 36 people dead.

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Amid Standoff With India, China’s New Border Law Does Not Change Things On Ground

China’s new border law is aimed at improving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country’s border regions. Amid the Eastern Ladakh standoff with India, the move may be significant.

Amid Standoff With India, China’s New Border Law Does Not Change Things On Ground
What does China's new border law mean for Indo-China relations? | PTI

Last Saturday, China passed a new state border law to protect and maintain the sovereignty and integrity of its territorial territory. Amid ongoing border disputes between India and China in the eastern region of Ladakh from April 2020, a new law aimed at protecting the monarchy could be significant.

The final round of negotiations between the military commanders between the two countries was unsuccessful, although both sides agreed to meet again permanently.

Why the new law is currently a question with no simple answers to it.

This is the first time China has enacted legislation on its land borders. It generally clarifies how these areas are managed. The new law states that people living in border areas will support border patrols and military-led surveillance operations.

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It prevents ordinary citizens from building permanent structures near the border without the permission of the authorities. No citizens are allowed to drive drones in sensitive areas of ​​the border. By the way, the law also says weapons can be used on those who cross the border illegally.

The People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Forces are responsible for border patrols. China owns a vast expanse of land and covers some 14,000 miles [22,000 km] of territory along with 14 other countries. However, Beijing has resolved border issues with everyone except India and Bhutan.

Now, the country is ready to resolve its border disputes with Bhutan, with the latest memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries. This will make India the only major power China has not solved its border problem. Moreover, there are no indications that China is ready to do so, as it refuses to recognize McMahon Line and intends to expand its territory.

A message from China says it will not compromise and border talks will not get you anywhere unless India is willing to accept China’s demands. Therefore, India-China tensions on the border are expected to remain stable.

Former Chinese ambassador to China Gautam Bambawale is not familiar with the new rules. “Nothing is changing. If it was intended to send a message to India, it would have collapsed. After all, all countries are talking about defending their borders and their sovereignty. China is doing the same, and so is India.”

“What is worrying is the introduction of troops and soldiers at our borders and attacks, not border control.” Ambassador Bambawale acknowledges that the dispute over the India-China border is complex and the exchange of territories is difficult on both sides.

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Cyclone Shaheen Leaves 14 Dead In Oman

Cyclone Shaheen Leaves 14 Dead In Oman
Image: AP

Cyclone Shaheen: The loss of life from Hurricane Shaheen in Oman rose to 14 on Thursday after the sultanate discovered the body of a missing individual in a tempest.

Oman state TV made the declaration, bringing the death toll in the country to 12.

In Iran, specialists discovered the collections of two anglers killed in a tempest. Some are still lost.

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Shaheen arrived in the country on Sunday at speeds of up to 150 km / h (93 mph). The hurricane quickly subsided and subsided, but it caused floods and damage throughout Oman, a country in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

A storm is like a hurricane or a hurricane. their names change only because of their location. Storms are born in the eastern part of the world series. Storms grow west of the line. They are known as hurricanes in the Indian Ocean and in Australia.

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Bomb Blast Outside Kabul Mosque in Afghanistan, Several Civilians Killed

Bomb Blast Outside Kabul Mosque in Afghanistan, Several Civilians Killed
Blast outside mosque in Kabul | Image for representation | AP/PTI

A bomb blast near a Muslim gate in the Afghan capital on Sunday killed at least one person, a Taliban spokesman said.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a mosque in Kabul, killing at least 40 people and wounding dozens more, officials said.

Emergency NGO, an Italian-funded hospital in Kabul, wrote on Twitter that it had found four people injured in the blast.

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The area around the mosque was closed by the Taliban, who kept security tight.

No one immediately committed suicide. However, since the Taliban invaded Afghanistan in mid-August, attacks by Islamic State militants in the neighboring Islamic State have increased. The escalation has increased the likelihood of a major conflict between the two activist groups.

Islamic State ends up firmly established in the eastern province of Nangarhar and looks after the enemies of the Taliban. He blamed himself for a series of attacks, including mass killings, in the provincial capital Jalalabad.

Attacks in Kabul have been rare so far, but in recent weeks Islamic State has shown signs of widening its east line closer to the capital. On Friday, Taliban militants attacked a Muslim hideout north of Kabul in Parwan province. The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a gathering of Islamic State militants, wounding four Taliban insurgents.

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Clashes Among Separatists In South Yemen Kill 10: Officials

Clashes Among Separatists In South Yemen Kill 10: Officials
Representational Image

Clashes between Yemeni separatists backed by the United Arab Emirates and an opposition group divided into a port south of Aden have killed at least 10 people, including four civilians, security officials said.

The fighting took place at a residence in Aden, Crater, where the presidential palace and other government buildings are located, they said. It compares the forces of the Southern Transitional Divorce Council with an armed religious group that was once part of the council, according to officials.

The armed group is led by Brig. Imam al-Nubi, a Salafist official in charge of a separatist group known as the Security Zone. He had an argument with a council leader two years ago, according to an official.

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Officials say 12 soldiers were wounded in the fighting that survived Saturday night after a security checkpoint deployed security forces, including armed vehicles, on neighbors.

The refugee camp urged Crater residents to stay home as “Aden security forces and anti-terrorism forces clear the area of ​​certain terrorist groups and outbreaks of disease.”

Residents said they heard gunshots and gunshots that hit the apartments.

Officials asked for anonymity because they did not have the authority to inform the media, and citizens did so out of fear of retaliation.

The Southern Transitional Council is an umbrella group of armed forces and well-funded by the UAE since 2015. It hopes to recapture the southern independent Yemen that existed from 1967-1990.

The council controls large areas in southern Yemen, including Aden, which serves as the interim capital of the internationally recognized government of exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The crash occurred two weeks after protests in Aden and other southern cities due to unprecedented living conditions during the unprecedented fall in local currency, the rial.

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Guinea swears in coup leader as interim president

Guinea swears in coup leader as interim president

CONAKRY, Oct 1- Guinea-based junta leader Mamadi Dubois was announced as interim president on Friday to oversee which regional powers hope to briefly move to the constitutional state following the ouster of President Alpha Conte at 5 pm.

The swearing-in ceremony took place at the Mohamed V Palace in the capital Conakry where not a majority of West African government officials, who agreed last month to punish junta members and their relatives last month.

West and Central Africa saw four recent political unrest in the country that raised concerns about the military intervention in the resource-rich, impoverished region.

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Dressed in a military uniform, a red beret, and folded sunglasses, Dubois raised his hand in white gloves as he swore.

“I fully appreciate the magnitude and magnitude of the tasks entrusted to me,” he said in a statement.

He promised to oversee changes in the drafting of a new constitution, anti-corruption, electoral reform, and the holding of free and fair elections.

The junta said its members would not be able to run in the next election, but did not say when it would take place, saying it would be decided by 81 members of the Transitional National Council.

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The Economic Community of West Africa States, which is a regional body, has frozen assets and imposed travel restrictions on the junta, hoping to promote a faster return to democracy.

The rebel leaders said they fired Conte out of concern for poverty and corruption and that he was only serving a third term after changing the constitution to allow it.

Fearing that the political crisis would prevent the production of bauxite in Guinea, a mineral used to make aluminum, has been eliminated. Most migrant workers say they have continued their work without interruption.

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Facing crises, UK PM Johnson says he will take “bold decisions”

Facing crises, UK PM Johnson says he will take “bold decisions”
Getty Image

MANCHESTER, England, Oct 2 – UK PM Boris Johnson on Sunday vowed to take “big, bold” decisions to change Britain after COVID, hoping to convene a conference of the ruling Conservative Party already buffeted by fuel, gas, and Christmas food crises.

Johnson wanted to use the conference this week to turn the page over 18 months of COVID-19 and face his commitment to the 2019 election to address regional inequality, crime, and social care.

Instead, the Prime Minister has been behind for more than nine months since Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union – a withdrawal that he said would give the country the freedom to better restructure its economy.

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Now you are crying out for those who can’t fill their cars with gasoline, for retailers who are afraid of missing Christmas tickets, and for electronics companies facing rising prices.

In a statement issued the day before the conference in Manchester, Johnson did not address the current problems but spoke of what he called “his government’s progress in achieving the people’s priorities”.

“We have not gone through COVID to go back to how things were before – in the current situation. Building Back Back means we want things to change and improve as we recover,” he said.

“This means making big, bold decisions about the things that interest people – such as social care, job support, climate change, tackling crime and rising.”

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He reiterated his mandate that the government was doing its best to grow the business in the midst of the epidemic, secure jobs, and launch a mass vaccination program.

But for many critics, this repeated statement emphasizes the refusal to accept wrong measures in the early days of the epidemic, when the government seems reluctant to lock the economy to prevent the virus from spreading.

At the conference, the withdrawal of the low-income household grant and the end of the COVID project support program could also lead to criticism from other legislatures, especially in the northern and central parts of England that support traditionally opposition Labour Party.

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