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Intel’s New 11th Gen Tiger Lake H45 CPUs Promise Big Gains For Gamers, Creators

Intel claims big gaming performance gains

Intel’s New 11th Gen Tiger Lake H45 CPUs Promise Big Gains For Gamers, Creators

Intel has released a new, different Core H-series H45 processor from the Intel H35 series announced in January, although most often build up to 35W.

The new H-series processors are running on Intel’s SuperFin 10nm processors, and include all the improvements to the Tiger Lake processors we’ve seen in the company’s 35W processors, meaning 20 PCIe 4.0 routers that can be used with drives or GPUs. Yes, Thunderbolt 4 support with 40Gbps transmission speeds and Intel’s internal Iris Xe GPU with 32 compute units (EU), it also has support for DDR4-3200 memory, Intel Optane H20 storage, Intel’s Killer Wi-Fi 6E card

The top offering right now is the Intel Core 9-11980HK processor, which is very open and has eight characters and 16 threads. This beast can also power it up to 5GHz in every way, not on any of the cores. But both cores Its top turbo is 4.5GHz. Intel offers something other than over-the-top support and low clock speeds. It’s worth noting that although Intel’s suspension this time has at least six characters and 12 threads, so the combined graphics will run at the same speed on the board.

Based on internal testing, Intel claims that the Core 9-11980HK beat AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900HX across the board during most gaming sessions. While still better than previous Intel processors, Intel is also equipped with a Core I 5-11400H compared to Ryzen 9. AMD’s 5900HS, which demonstrates the processing power of mid-sized processors compared to high-performance AMD.

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For creators, Intel promises a 22% improvement over the previous model. Compared to the Intel Core i9-11980HK and Ryzen 9 5900HX, Intel required a 24% higher performance, especially when editing images in Photoshop Elements. The chipmaker also claims that video editing performance in Adobe After Effects is up to 18%. And the Microsoft Office productivity workflow improved 19%.

In addition to the core processor, Intel has also released a new version of vPro, and the new Xeon W-11000 processor works for user guidance purposes. These share many equal technologies. But it supports Intel’s vPro, SIPP, and TXT platforms.

Many laptops with these new processors have been released, and Intel says it has more than 80 designs with 11th H-series chips.

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WhatsApp update: Flash Call verification feature, other than SMS, coming

WhatsApp update: The new Flash Call feature will soon make its way to WhatsApp on Android devices. (Unsplash)

WhatsApp update: Flash Call verification feature, other than SMS, coming

WhatsApp Updates: The company is developing a new feature called WhatsApp Flash Call that can be used to quickly connect to new mobile devices, in addition to existing notification methods.

WhatsApp now supports SMS authentication but will be supplemented with a new connection mechanism.

WhatsApp users can now verify their phone number by entering a six-digit code that the app sends to them. The WhatsApp password is automatically entered into the app with the help of Google Play Services on Android, while The password is automatically copied to the clipboard to be able to paste using the keyboard on iOS.

However, the new WhatsApp call input method is designed to simplify the process for users.
The new Flash Call feature was first detected in WhatsApp beta by a well-known leak WABetaInfo.

Instead of sending an SMS containing a password to the user, WhatsApp will shortly send the call to the user and automatically terminate the call as soon as the app detects the call. WABetaInfo also says that the number that is dialed will be different. Always the same, which will make the system difficult to deceive.

While reports suggest that Flash WhatsApp calls will make it easier to connect to multiple devices as soon as multi-device support is released. But the question remains whether it is easier to insert the received SMS on one device than to insert the SIM card on another.

Additionally, users should grant WhatsApp access to call logs. This can be a privacy issue for some users.

Meanwhile, Another concern is that the WhatsApp Flash Call feature will not work on iOS due to the security and privacy features Apple has set up. no way to request If you don’t have access to the iPhone call history (and therefore don’t have access to it), there’s no way Facebook’s company will use this feature on Apple iPhones.

While this feature is still in development. There is no way of knowing when the WhatsApp update will arrive or if it will roll out alongside multi-device support in the coming months.

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Apple Reportedly Developing New iPad Mini and iPad Pro With Wireless Charging

Apple Reportedly Developing New iPad Mini and iPad Pro With Wireless Charging
Image Credit: Apple

Apple may launch an iPad Pro with wireless charging next year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the tech giant is working on a new iPad Pro and a new iPad mini.

Apple is reportedly replacing the Tablet Pro’s aluminum case with a glass back cover that resembles the latest iPhones, in part to enable wireless charging. If you still remember The company has shifted from glass to aluminum and back to glass for phones. which made the last change when the iPhone 8 was released.

Meanwhile, Apple plans to give the new iPad a wider bezel and remove the old buttons. Apparently, a smaller tablet will be available later this year. This will be the first design of the model for the first time in six years.

Gurman didn’t reveal further details about the Mini but said Apple is testing the MagSafe system for the Pro version. Additionally, the company is reportedly investigating adding a reverse wireless charging feature to the Pro tablet, which will allow you to use power to charge other devices.

It is well known that Apple has been working on the technology for many years. And this feature is rumored for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

In addition to the new Pro and Mini, Gurman said the company is developing a thinner class iPad for students that may be released this year. He added that Apple hasn’t given up on developing wireless charging mattresses.

The tech giant has announced AirPower, which can power the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time in 2017.

However, the project was eventually canceled almost two years later as it failed to address critical heat and energy problems. Finally, according to the data, the company is studying other ways in wireless charging to enable charging over a greater distance than inductive connection methods can provide.

Before you start planning on buying a tablet Keep in mind that nothing has been forgotten, but Gurman’s source states that development of the tablet is still in its early stages. And there’s still a chance that Apple will change its plans for all cancellations.

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OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark M investment
Image Credits: OroraTech

OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

With fire becoming an increasingly destructive annual phenomenon. It is in the best interest of the world to find and respond to them as quickly as possible – and the biggest advantage here is space. OroraTech is a German start-up that creates small constellations of satellites to power the system. fire alarms around the world And it will use the amount of 5.8 million euros (~7 million) just raised to get started.

Fires destroy tens of millions of acres of forest each year. Cause enormous damage to humans and the world in many different ways. Once it grows to a certain size. almost impossible to stop So the faster you can locate and work, the better.

But these fires can start almost anywhere in the barren forests hundreds of miles wide and literally every minute and hour – watch towers, helicopter flights. And other commonly used methods may not be fast or accurate enough to deal with this more effectively. Serious threats. Not to mention that it is an expensive and often dangerous job for those who perform it.

OroraTech’s plan is to use a constellation of about 100 satellites equipped with custom infrared cameras to monitor the entire planet. (or at least the part most likely to explode in the flame) simultaneously, with reports of fires larger than 10 meters in half an hour.

Initially, the Bavarian company used data from more than a dozen satellites already in space to prove ground service. But with this fundraising round, They will be ready to take their own birds into the air. A shoe-sized satellite with custom infrared sensors that Spire will launch later this year. Editing this image simplifies the downstream process.

Another 14 satellites are scheduled to be launched by 2023, most likely when they initially took on the famed tires and brought inevitable improvements.

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