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India warns Pakistan for drone attack

India warns Pakistan for drone attack
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India will retaliate strongly at the time and place of its choice if Pakistan attempts to use drones or participate in a “joint war of any kind to target Indian citizens or military property,” the defense chief Bipin Rawat warned in a statement.

Investigators are investigating whether a small explosive device used in the June 27 terrorist attack on the Jammu Air Force was fired from Pakistan or the region and whether the intent was to send a message of new power or cause damage.

We do not yet know the ultimate goal. But let them (Pakistan) do something to destroy our property and the response of our armed forces will be very different. The will of politics is there.” Our armed forces are ready, “he said, addressing an online conference here.

He added, “We must send a strong message that anything of this nature, gray zone tactics or hybrid warfare if it damages our property and affects our national security, we have the right to respond at the time and place we choose and the way we want to be held accountable.

Speaking about the end of the fire with Pakistan since February, the CDS said simply stopping the border shooting at the checkpoint was not enough.,” he said that It (Pakistan) is to use indirect means to disrupt the peace process, it is tantamount to violating the suspension agreement.

IAF had a limited number of interventions that interfered with the management and control of small drone coordinators and anti-death programs “but not yet developed. because it did not have “critical supplies” such as fighter jets, said Air Chief Marshal RKS head Badauria.

“What happened in Jammu was an act of terrorism that attempted to identify our goods (Mi-17 V5 helicopters) there. The attempt failed. Two explosives were used, one HE (a large explosive) on the environment and the other cracked, said the IAF chief.

The IAF is working closely with the DRDO on its drone programs, which have targeted powerful weapons such as lasers and will soon complete their tests. “A new type of threat.” Many projects have already been undertaken and some plans have been implemented, “he said.

General Rawat said the military must continue to adapt to new threats because subsequent attacks could be carried out with arrows, as shown in the recent Israeli-Hamas war, not with planes.

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Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police

Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police
(Photo: Reuters )

Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police

SRINAGAR, India, July 31 – The mastermind of the 2019 attack Kashmir that killed 40 Indian soldiers has been killed in a fire with security forces, Indian police said in Kashmir on Saturday.

Mohammad Ismail Alvi, commander of Jaish-e-Mohammad’s militia group, was killed south of the Srinagar regional capital Vijay Kumar, a Kashmir police official told Reuters.

“Mohammad Ismail Alvi, also known as Lambo, nicknamed Adnan, belonged to the family of Massoud Azhar.

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On February 14, 2019, A suicide bomber struck a car on a bus carrying Indian police in Kashmir, killing 40 of them in an incident that killed scores of people for decades by security forces in a disputed area, sparking tensions with the Pakistani enemy.

Pakistani-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) blamed the attack.

The government of India has blamed Pakistan for allowing militant groups to operate from its territory and has called for action. Islamabad said it had rejected a proposal related to the attack.

Kashmir is a predominantly Muslim region in the middle of decades of animosity between nuclear India and Pakistan. Both neighbors control parts of the area, claiming that the whole area belongs to them.

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Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Baghdad [Iraq], July 31: At least 13 people were killed and 45 others injured on Friday during an attack on Islamic State (IS) terrorists at a funeral and checkpoint near the Iraqi province of Salahuddin, a provincial police source said.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a gathering of Islamic State militants in the Albu Jili region, near the Iraqi city of Yathrib, about 80 miles north of Baghdad, Colonel Mohammed al-Bazi told Xinhua.

Islamic State militants also stormed a checkpoint near the city, al-Bazi said, adding that three police officers were among the dead.
Security forces closed the scene as security forces arrived at the scene, he added.

A medical source at Balad Hospital in nearby Balad told Xinhua that they had found 13 bodies with bullet holes and that 45 other injured people had been taken to hospital for treatment, some of whom were in critical condition.

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A brief statement from the Iraqi Joint Operations Command confirmed the attack, adding that details would be announced in due course.
For his part, Salahuddin provincial governor Ammar al-Jaber condemned the deadly attack in a statement, stressing that security forces would investigate the incident so that the perpetrators could be brought to justice.

In recent months, Islamic State militants have intensified their attacks on Iraqi security forces in a terrorist-held province, leaving scores of people dead and wounded.

The security situation in Iraq has been improving since Iraqi security forces completely defeated Islamic State terrorists across the country in late 2017. However, the remnants of the Islamic State have melted away in urban or desert areas and rugged terrain, causing repeated attacks. citizens.

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Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods

Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods
A woman holds a baby and drowns her belongings after heavy rains in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China July 23, 2021. (photo: Reuters)

Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods-

Zhengzhou, July 23 – For the masses of migrant workers stranded in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, crossing the city will make it impossible to live with relatives in the most severely affected areas or return to the countryside.

They must be imprisoned. Connect with life in the city’s flooded areas. and away from family for access when transportation is at its worst.

This means surviving without electricity and water for days and measurements. Difficulty moving to Zhengzhou and worried about how they will return to work.

Hu, a 40-year-old construction worker from Shandong province who only uses his last name. be one of them He wasted his food and water. He then searched with muddy water up to his waist once a day by looking for a cell phone.

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“I just can’t go back to my hometown. I work here,” he said as he sat in a park that was off the road and was no longer flooded.

“Some people have … close relatives who can find them. For those of us who are not villagers travel is not easy We have no way to go home and have no work from home.”

About 280 million migrant farmers and about 280 million immigrants often move to cities such as Zhengzhou in search of better jobs. He leaves his family behind and returns home only once a year during the Chinese New Year.

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The city of 12 million is still recovering from floods this week. Which would have been the equivalent of a rainy year in a few days.

Death toll in Henan Province The city of Zhengzhou is home to 56 people and five others are missing, according to state media.

Zhu Lingyan, 35, is a newcomer to the flood-hit family business.

Coming from a city 100 kilometers from Zhengzhou, he opened a noodle shop shortly before the floods, investing 200,000 yuan ($31,000) in savings for the business.

“All the electrical equipment is broken, it’s very difficult,” he said, trying to hold back tears. He estimated that 30,000 yuan would be required to repair the damage. “I have to stay My husband works here and my children study here.”

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Five dead, several missing after cloudburst in Kishtwar district

Five dead, several missing after cloudburst in Kishtwar district

Jammu and Kashmir: Five dead, several missing after cloudburst in Kishtwar district

Jammu: Five bodies were found on Wednesday after some houses were swept away by a flood caused by a cloudburst in a remote village in the Jammu and Kashmir districts of Kistwar province, a senior official said.

According to authorities, more than 25 people were missing in the blast that struck Khonjar village in Dachan province, around 4.30 am.

“The bodies of five people have been found in the storm-stricken village so far,” Kishtwar Regional Development Commissioner Ashok Kumar Sharma told PTI.

He said six houses had been washed away by floodwaters and a search and rescue operation was underway with the latest reports.

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The Director-General of Police, Director-General of Internal Security, Defense, and SDRF, V K Singh, reported that two women were among the five people killed in the storm, while more than 25 were still missing.

Two other teams are on their way from Doda and Udhampur and one of our SDRF teams from Kishtwar has arrived at the affected village. Two other SDRF teams are waiting for improved weather to be airlifted from Jammu and Srinagar to the scene. Rescue workers” said Singh.

He said six houses and food had been eaten by the blast.

Local Development Commissioner Kishtwar said two more clouds had erupted in the Lambard area overnight, but there were no reports of injuries.

“There is some damage to the infrastructure, but specific details are expected,” Sharma said.

He said 60 families had been evacuated from the Pantar area due to incessant rains that threatened their homes.

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Many parts of the Jammu region have been experiencing heavy rainfall in recent days. Predicting further rain in late July, Kishtwar authorities have already asked people living near water bodies and lands prone to landslides to remain vigilant.

“The Department of Meteorology predicts that heavy rains in the coming days and the levels of rivers and sewers are expected to increase, which could be dangerous for residents living near rivers, sewers, bodies of water, and areas at risk of slides,” he said. management of the type of advice released Tuesday night.

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One dead, four missing after explosion rocks German chemicals site

One dead, four missing after explosion rocks German chemicals site
(Photo: Reuters )

Five people missing after explosion rocks German chemicals site-

BERLIN, July 27 – One person was killed and four others were missing after an explosion at an industrial park in the West German city of Leverkusen, sent black smoke into the air.

The fire in the Cempark area, which includes chemical companies Bayer (BAYGn.DE) and Lanxess (LXSG.DE), disappeared after an explosion at 9.40 a.m. Local time (0740 GMT), said the current park operator.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of our colleague,” Campark King Lars Friedrich said in a tweet, adding that four other people were missing.

Paramedics rescued 12 people and injured four others, the town of Leverkusen, north of Cologne, said. In addition, 5 people were missing, he said.

Welt TV, quoting city security officials, said one person had died. It was not immediately clear if this was one of the missing persons.

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Police have asked residents living nearby to stay indoors and close doors and windows. Currenta said it would also be necessary to turn off air conditioning while measuring the air around it to help detect toxic gases.The area around the site is closed and surrounded by emergency vehicles.

Trenta said it was unclear what caused the blast and the next fire. More details will be available at 1200 GMT.

Sirens and emergency alerts on the German Civil Protection mobile app have warned citizens of “great danger”.

Leverkusen is less than 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the catastrophic floods last week that left at least 180 people dead.

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Several nearby highways were closed and police said motorists should be distracted to avoid the area.

More than 30 companies operate on the Cempark website in Leverkusen, including Covestro (1COV.DE), Bayer, Lanxess, and Arlanxeo, according to its website.

Bayer and Lanxess sold operator Cempark Currenta to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MQG.AX) in 2019 for a business value of € 3.5 billion ($ 4.12 billion).

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Afghan Air Force hurt by inoperable aircraft – Afghan lawmakers

Afghan Air Force hurt by inoperable aircraft – Afghan lawmakers
Getty Image

Afghan Air Force hurt by inoperable aircraft – Afghan lawmakers

Washington, July 23- One-third of Afghan Air Force planes are out of order and have completed US-led missiles amid a sharp decline in US-led flights, hampering Kabul’s efforts to halt Taliban progress, Afghan officials said on Friday.

The US Air Force aimed to give Kabul greater profits than the rebels by withdrawing US-led foreign troops. However, the loss of Kabul flights and the elimination of precision-directed arrows, as well as the killing of Taliban pilots, are detrimental, officials said.

“We need more support for the AF (Afghan Air Force),” Hajj Azel Rahani, the chief whip of the Afghan parliament and son of the speaker, said at an online conference sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One-third of the fleet of about 160 aircraft is unemployed due to a lack of recreational facilities or the departure of Pentagon maintenance contractors, he said.

Mir Haidar Afzali, chairman of Parliament’s security committee, said the Taliban had shot down other helicopters from Russia.

Some planes, he said, have reached the brink of extinction and the Taliban have killed more than a dozen Afghan pilots.

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U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan after 20 years of war. He said the withdrawal would be finalized on August 31, but Washington would continue to provide security and political assistance to Kabul.

The Taliban have reaped huge benefits from the region. This lack of progress in US-sponsored peace talks has sparked fears that rebels will regain power and redefine their difficult interpretation of Islamic law.

Naheed Farid, a Herat lawmaker, said, “If these planes can fly and can target Taliban rallies and then the Taliban become stronger and attack cities, they will create a bad situation for women,” an army of darkness.”

Rahmani said, Prior to the US withdrawal, the United States and its allies were conducting 80-90% of daily airstrikes against the Taliban. The Afghan Air Force has done the rest, which determined the distribution of this ammunition in a precise direction, to proceed.

He would not be able to close the gap left by American withdrawal, which includes the withdrawal of about 40 drones, he said.

The Afghan military needed a drone and asked for more arrows, but was told it would take time to produce and ship, he said.

A day after the Pentagon announced, lawmakers spoke that the United States had established aircraft to support security in Afghanistan.

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