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Facing crises, UK PM Johnson says he will take “bold decisions”

Facing crises, UK PM Johnson says he will take “bold decisions”
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MANCHESTER, England, Oct 2 – UK PM Boris Johnson on Sunday vowed to take “big, bold” decisions to change Britain after COVID, hoping to convene a conference of the ruling Conservative Party already buffeted by fuel, gas, and Christmas food crises.

Johnson wanted to use the conference this week to turn the page over 18 months of COVID-19 and face his commitment to the 2019 election to address regional inequality, crime, and social care.

Instead, the Prime Minister has been behind for more than nine months since Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union – a withdrawal that he said would give the country the freedom to better restructure its economy.

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Now you are crying out for those who can’t fill their cars with gasoline, for retailers who are afraid of missing Christmas tickets, and for electronics companies facing rising prices.

In a statement issued the day before the conference in Manchester, Johnson did not address the current problems but spoke of what he called “his government’s progress in achieving the people’s priorities”.

“We have not gone through COVID to go back to how things were before – in the current situation. Building Back Back means we want things to change and improve as we recover,” he said.

“This means making big, bold decisions about the things that interest people – such as social care, job support, climate change, tackling crime and rising.”

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He reiterated his mandate that the government was doing its best to grow the business in the midst of the epidemic, secure jobs, and launch a mass vaccination program.

But for many critics, this repeated statement emphasizes the refusal to accept wrong measures in the early days of the epidemic, when the government seems reluctant to lock the economy to prevent the virus from spreading.

At the conference, the withdrawal of the low-income household grant and the end of the COVID project support program could also lead to criticism from other legislatures, especially in the northern and central parts of England that support traditionally opposition Labour Party.

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UK PM Johnson’s Conservatives see support slump to lowest since election – poll

UK PM Johnson’s Conservatives see support slump to lowest since election – poll
REUTERS / Toby Melville

LONDON, September 10 – Support for Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left the opposition on the lowest level since the 2019 general election, a poll said after announcing a tax increase on health and health care.

The poll, conducted by YouGov of the Times, found that Conservatives’ support had dropped by five points to 33%, while labor had risen by one point to 35%, ahead of Johnson’s party for the first time since January.

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Johnson unveiled plans on Tuesday to raise taxes on workers, employers, and other investors in an attempt to address the financial and health care crisis, offending some in his ruling party by violating election promises and jeopardizing traditional party support for lower taxes.

“We have to be careful to get too many conclusions in one survey, but … it seems the government may have given up its reputation for low taxes among Tory voters without incurring huge debt with the help of the NHS,” Anthony Wells said. , director of policy research at YouGov, referring to the National Health Service.

Despite criticism from Conservative lawmakers, the majority supported the proposals, and Johnson successfully won the vote on Wednesday.

Cultural Secretary Oliver Dowden underestimated the importance of voting, adding that investment in the health sector would be acceptable to voters in the forthcoming general elections, scheduled for 2024.

He revealed to Sky News, “Casting a ballot goes back and forth, which is how the public authority deals with settle on long-term decisions to help the country.”

“Ultimately, voters reward governments that are willing to take tough decisions to protect national interests.”

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UK says ‘ready’ to launch strikes against ISIS-K in Afghanistan

UK says ‘ready’ to launch strikes against ISIS-K in Afghanistan
Photo: AFP

London: The United Kingdom has said it is “ready” to launch an attack at the ISIS-K terrorist network in Afghanistan after the Pentagon estimated that there were about 2,000 uniformed attackers in the war-torn country.

The Islamic State alliance in Afghanistan, known as the Islamic State of Khorasan or ISIS-K, has been charged with two deadly bombs on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport that killed 169 Afghan people and 13 American soldiers.

The Chief of Staff of the British Air Force, Brigadier General Sir Mike Wigston, told The Daily Telegraph on Monday that the United Kingdom could be involved in the ISIS-K attacks.

He spoke after the UK and US withdrew from Afghanistan after the Taliban occupation.

“The United Kingdom stands with our allies in mourning the loss of those killed in the horrific Daesh (ISIS) attack at Kabul airport and our unwavering determination to fight Daesh networks by all means. And if they work.

“If there is an opportunity to contribute, I have no doubt we will be ready. This will be when any violent extremists raise their heads and become a direct or indirect threat to the United Kingdom and its allies. Afghanistan is probably one of them.” there, “said Wigston.

According to the newspaper, UK government officials reportedly investigated the incident of the plane crash, raising questions about where the Royal Air Force (RAF) plane would be based, how it would be refueled and how it would be obtained.

“Ultimately, the fact is that we need to be able to participate globally in the Global Coalition for the Victory of Daesh (ISIS), whether it is a strike or a transfer of troops or equipment to a specific country, scale, and speed,” Wigston said.

When asked by British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab on Tuesday to comment, he said that although he would not go into “operational details”, the UK had a right to defend itself and that this should include “terrorist” groups operating from abroad “.

Raab is one of the signatories to a joint statement issued by a former US-led coalition targeting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, vowing to “use all aspects of national power – military, intelligence, communications, economic – legal” to crush the terrorist group.

The minister said the UK must face the “new reality” in Afghanistan and work with other nations to have an “equal impact” on the Taliban and honor its commitment to a safe transfer for those who want to leave.

He said more than 5,000 people from the UK were among the more than 17,000 deported from Afghanistan by Afghanistan and that the UK’s population was “very low”.

Raab also said the British government was unaware of allegations that the United Kingdom had requested that the gate be left open at Kabul airport to help clear it a few hours before the bombing last week – although US military leaders wanted to close it to reduce the risk.

“We did our best immediately after being informed of the threat before the explosion to reduce the risk,” Raab told the BBC.

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UK advises against all travel to Afghanistan amid ‘high threat of terrorist attack’

UK advises against all travel to Afghanistan amid ‘high threat of terrorist attack’

Aug 25 – The British Foreign Office on Wednesday advised not to travel to Afghanistan, adding that the country’s security situation remained tense, “and at high risk of terrorist attacks”.

“The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth & Development (FCDO) advises you not to go to Afghanistan. You should not go to Afghanistan,” the State Department told its adviser.

“The security situation in Afghanistan remains volatile. There are ongoing fears and serious terrorist attacks,” the statement said.

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The advice is also to stay away from Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport.

“If you are in the airport area, go to a safe place and wait for further advice,” he said.

All unnecessary work for the British Ambassador to Kabul in response to the security situation was suspended and the embassy was removed.

The British (UK) Secretary of State, Dominique Raab, said the deadline for deporting people to the last minute of the month. The United Kingdom has already evacuated thousands of people from Afghanistan.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan earlier this month from a US-backed government, sending thousands of refugees and perhaps warning them to return to the militant and heroic regime of persecutors two decades ago. Learn more

Western nations quickly finalized the evacuation of thousands of people from Afghanistan on Wednesday, as the foreign military deadline set to leave on August 31 approaches with no sign that the country’s new Taliban leaders could accept an extension.

In one of the largest airstrikes ever to take place, the United States and its allies have evacuated more than 70,000 people, including civilians, NATO personnel, and Afghans at risk since August 14, the day before the attack. In the Taliban in the capital Kabul. to eliminate the presence of foreign troops for 20 years.

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