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China condemns latest US warship transit of Taiwan Strait

China condemns latest US warship transit of Taiwan Strait
Image Credit: Reuters

TAIPEI, Jun 23 (Reuters) – China on Wednesday criticized the United States as a major security threat after an American warship struck again with a sensitive ship separating Taiwan and China.

7th Fleet of the US Navy He said the Arleigh Burke war disaster, the USS Curtis Wilbur, made a “crossing of Taiwan’s roads” on Tuesday according to international law.

“The passing of the Taiwan crisis is a testament to America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

The Eastern Command of the People’s Liberation Army reported that their soldiers watched the ship during its voyage and warned it.

“The American side deliberately played the same old tricks and created problems and disruptions in the Taiwan Straits,” he said.

We strongly oppose it because this “clearly shows that the United States is the biggest threat to security in the region.
Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the ship had moved northward and “the situation was normal.”

The same ship crossed the river last month, prompting China to accuse the United States of threatening peace and stability.

The latest deployment comes about a week after Taiwan said 28 Chinese military planes, including soldiers and nuclear bombs, had entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), the largest riot reported so far.

The incident followed a group of seven leaders issuing a joint statement condemning China on a number of issues and stressing the importance of peace and stability in Taiwan Straits, which China has described as “slander”.

American troops engaged in such activities in the Straits of Taiwan almost every month.

The United States, like many countries, has no formal relations with the democratically elected nation of Taiwan, but it is a major supporter of the world and a major arms supplier.

Military tensions between Taiwan and Beijing have escalated in recent years, with Taipei protesting China repeatedly sending air forces to Taiwan’s air defense base.

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Athens suburbs brace for night inferno as blaze burns homes

Athens suburbs brace for night inferno as blaze burns homes
A volunteer firefighter tries to extinguish a wildfire at Varympompi suburb north of Athens, Greece, August 3, 2021.(Photo: Reuters )

Athens suburbs brace for night inferno as blaze burns homes

ATHENS, Aug 3 – An uncontrolled fire broke out in northern Athens on Tuesday, burning houses and forcing officials to evacuate as they fought 81 fires in the jungle during one of Greece’s worst storms in 30 years.

At night, more than 500 firefighters fought the blaze on the lower slopes of Mount Parnitha, with the help of nine helicopters, seven planes, and 305 policemen in the grassy area of ​​Varybopi and Adams.

“This is a difficult day in the country, we have attacked 81 forests in the last 24 hours due to bad weather,” Deputy Minister of Public Safety Nikos Hardalias told reporters.

Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and winds have created fires in various parts of Greece in recent days. On Tuesday, some points recorded temperatures above 46 degrees Celsius (115 Fahrenheit).

The fire in northern Athens has had three major wars in the cities of Varybopi, Adames, and Trakomakedones, burning houses and cars and forcing residents to leave.

“We will continue to fight all night, our priority is to save lives,” he said.

Authorities have removed valuables from the former royal estate in Tatoi, and the Civil Protection Service has ordered residents of Olympic Village to leave their homes. They could stay in other hotels at state expense.

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Seven people were taken to hospital with respiratory problems.

Earlier, the children were evacuated from the summer camp, and residents were told to leave their homes in Varybopi, Adames, and Thrakomakedones, about 12 miles [20 km] north of the city of Athens.

Others regularly protect their homes with garden hoses. The explosion was heard when a fire hit an unknown number of houses. Equestrian clubs allow horses to be free from fire.

P. M. Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the fire brigade, which directs efforts to reduce fires and other fires, on the Peloponnese Peninsula and on the islands of Evia and Kos.

His office said in a statement, “All methods and resources have been used in the struggle in many quarters,”. “In these difficult times, the protection of human life is paramount.”

In Athens, the head of the IPTO power grid said fires had damaged parts of the grid, posing a serious threat to the supply of electricity to parts of the metropolitan area.

“Many houses are on fire,” Michalis Brettos, Acharnes’ local deputy mayor, told Open TV as heavy smoke rose above the houses behind him.

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The fire disrupted train services and forced authorities to block part of the national highway.

Europe is experiencing severe weather, from floods in the north to severe temperatures and fires that sweep through much of the Mediterranean region.

Greece’s neighbor Turkey faces fires near one of the most popular tourist attractions on the seventh day in a row.

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More than 800 flights canceled across US

More than 800 flights canceled across US

Spirit Airlines, American Airlines cancel more than 800 flights

On Monday, more than 800 flights and thousands of Spirit Airlines and American Airlines passengers faced cancellations and delays in the final crisis of a summer trip.

The planes canceled more than 800 flights together on Monday and delayed more than a thousand.

A Spirit spokesman told ABC News that the cancellation was the result of a “good storm”, blaming the weather, the shortage of staff and crew by reaching the limits of time where they were able to fly legally.
In order to continue their aviation activities, they first canceled 313 flights, which is about 40% of their daily flight. The cancellation provided the Spirit with a “breathing space” to ensure that crew and planes could reach the right places, the speaker said.

Disappointed passengers wrote on social media tweets that they were trapped, forced to wait in long lines, or sent back.

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“We are working around the clock to get back on track after the weekend break due to the inclement weather and business challenges,” Spirit said in a statement. “We needed to be vigilantly canceled for other flights on the network, but most of the flights are still scheduled as planned.”

U.S. Airlines canceled 529 flights on Monday, about 20% of its daily flight.

The superintendent told ABC News that bad weather was still recovering on Sunday in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. The spokesman said severe storms had occurred and at least 80 planes should be relocated to other airports, adding that planes and crews were currently being evacuated to improve efficiency. The cancellation comes as air travel continues to break the epidemic record.

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Officials from the Transportation Security Service (TSA) surveyed more than 2.2 million people at US airports across the country on Sunday – the highest number of checkpoints since the epidemic began.

All American airlines and the TSA have borne the brunt of the crew, as flights have risen sharply from historically low levels, approaching pre-epidemic levels.

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Some wildfires rage on in Turkey, affecting coastal resorts

Some wildfires rage on in Turkey, affecting coastal resorts
(Photo: Reuters )

Some wildfires rage on in Turkey, affecting coastal resorts-

ISTANBUL, Aug 1 – Turkish firefighters battled Sunday’s fight against a raging wildfire in the towns of Manavgat and Marmaris, with some tourists fleeing Bodrum on the Aegean coast.

Most of the fires that broke out in Turkey in the past five days were reported, officials said. However, fires were still raging in Manavgat in the south and Marmaris in the west, fueled by extreme heat and wind, said Forest Minister Bekir Paktemirli.

In the popular tourist town of Bodrum, a group of tourists and hotel staff were taken away by boat as flames spread and smoke particles filled the sky. Some visitors have been excluded in recent days. On Sunday morning, Pakdemirli said a fire had broken out in the area.

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About 107 of the 112 fires that have erupted in the past five days in Turkey have been contained since Sunday morning, according to the Department of Forestry.

Six people have been killed in wildfires in southern and western Turkey since Wednesday, and thousands have been evacuated. Locals and support teams from Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Azerbaijan have been deployed to help firefighters.

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In neighboring Greece, firefighters were trying to catch a blaze in the west of the country that destroyed homes and left 15 people in hospital with respiratory problems on Saturday, authorities said. Temperatures have been the highest in the country in recent days and are expected to reach 44 degrees on Monday and Tuesday.

On the Italian island of Sicily, firefighters said on Saturday they were fighting a second fire in the city of Catania, forcing people to flee their homes and the local airport to be temporarily closed.

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Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police

Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police
(Photo: Reuters )

Mastermind behind deadly 2019 Kashmir attack killed in shootout -Indian police

SRINAGAR, India, July 31 – The mastermind of the 2019 attack Kashmir that killed 40 Indian soldiers has been killed in a fire with security forces, Indian police said in Kashmir on Saturday.

Mohammad Ismail Alvi, commander of Jaish-e-Mohammad’s militia group, was killed south of the Srinagar regional capital Vijay Kumar, a Kashmir police official told Reuters.

“Mohammad Ismail Alvi, also known as Lambo, nicknamed Adnan, belonged to the family of Massoud Azhar.

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On February 14, 2019, A suicide bomber struck a car on a bus carrying Indian police in Kashmir, killing 40 of them in an incident that killed scores of people for decades by security forces in a disputed area, sparking tensions with the Pakistani enemy.

Pakistani-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) blamed the attack.

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The government of India has blamed Pakistan for allowing militant groups to operate from its territory and has called for action. Islamabad said it had rejected a proposal related to the attack.

Kashmir is a predominantly Muslim region in the middle of decades of animosity between nuclear India and Pakistan. Both neighbors control parts of the area, claiming that the whole area belongs to them.

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Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Nearly 13 killed in IS attack on funeral north of Baghdad

Baghdad [Iraq], July 31: At least 13 people were killed and 45 others injured on Friday during an attack on Islamic State (IS) terrorists at a funeral and checkpoint near the Iraqi province of Salahuddin, a provincial police source said.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a gathering of Islamic State militants in the Albu Jili region, near the Iraqi city of Yathrib, about 80 miles north of Baghdad, Colonel Mohammed al-Bazi told Xinhua.

Islamic State militants also stormed a checkpoint near the city, al-Bazi said, adding that three police officers were among the dead.
Security forces closed the scene as security forces arrived at the scene, he added.

A medical source at Balad Hospital in nearby Balad told Xinhua that they had found 13 bodies with bullet holes and that 45 other injured people had been taken to hospital for treatment, some of whom were in critical condition.

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A brief statement from the Iraqi Joint Operations Command confirmed the attack, adding that details would be announced in due course.
For his part, Salahuddin provincial governor Ammar al-Jaber condemned the deadly attack in a statement, stressing that security forces would investigate the incident so that the perpetrators could be brought to justice.

In recent months, Islamic State militants have intensified their attacks on Iraqi security forces in a terrorist-held province, leaving scores of people dead and wounded.

The security situation in Iraq has been improving since Iraqi security forces completely defeated Islamic State terrorists across the country in late 2017. However, the remnants of the Islamic State have melted away in urban or desert areas and rugged terrain, causing repeated attacks. citizens.

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Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods

Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods
A woman holds a baby and drowns her belongings after heavy rains in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China July 23, 2021. (photo: Reuters)

Many migrant workers stranded in Chinese cities hit by floods-

Zhengzhou, July 23 – For the masses of migrant workers stranded in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, crossing the city will make it impossible to live with relatives in the most severely affected areas or return to the countryside.

They must be imprisoned. Connect with life in the city’s flooded areas. and away from family for access when transportation is at its worst.

This means surviving without electricity and water for days and measurements. Difficulty moving to Zhengzhou and worried about how they will return to work.

Hu, a 40-year-old construction worker from Shandong province who only uses his last name. be one of them He wasted his food and water. He then searched with muddy water up to his waist once a day by looking for a cell phone.

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“I just can’t go back to my hometown. I work here,” he said as he sat in a park that was off the road and was no longer flooded.

“Some people have … close relatives who can find them. For those of us who are not villagers travel is not easy We have no way to go home and have no work from home.”

About 280 million migrant farmers and about 280 million immigrants often move to cities such as Zhengzhou in search of better jobs. He leaves his family behind and returns home only once a year during the Chinese New Year.

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The city of 12 million is still recovering from floods this week. Which would have been the equivalent of a rainy year in a few days.

Death toll in Henan Province The city of Zhengzhou is home to 56 people and five others are missing, according to state media.

Zhu Lingyan, 35, is a newcomer to the flood-hit family business.

Coming from a city 100 kilometers from Zhengzhou, he opened a noodle shop shortly before the floods, investing 200,000 yuan ($31,000) in savings for the business.

“All the electrical equipment is broken, it’s very difficult,” he said, trying to hold back tears. He estimated that 30,000 yuan would be required to repair the damage. “I have to stay My husband works here and my children study here.”

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