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Allen West will challenge Texas Gov. Abbott in GOP primary

Allen West will challenge Texas Gov. Abbott in GOP primary
(Photo: Associated Press )

Allen West will challenge Texas Gov. Abbott in GOP primary

Republican Allen West, a former Florida legislator, and attorney general who took office ten years ago, said on Sunday he would intervene with the Texas governor to quell unrest on the right.

His chances are high: The Republican government, Greg Abbott, who is running for a third term and likely to run for president in 2024, has already secured the approval of Donald Trump – his Western voters who will vote for him. I need any shot at winning a GOP primary in Texas.

Obstacles do not end there. Abbott is the best fundraiser in the United States, having started the year with an estimated $ 40 million already covered, and Westerners are avoiding those within his party. Last month, West resigned as president of the Texas GOP after spending a year using the platform to compete with Abbott and other Republicans who he considered being underperforming.

However, the popularity of Western people among the survivors of the violence at the US House makes him one of the most significant challenges Abbott has faced since becoming governor in 2015. There are already signs that Abbott is defending the right. , who had never passed liberal laws in Texas that he had never passed before, and took Trump’s uniform at the US-Mexico border.

“Let’s protect God, the country, and Texas,” Allen West told those assembled Sunday at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Dallas, where he made the announcement.

Later you have uploaded a service video.

Democrats, who continue to see Texas as a developing battlefield, or continue to lose land, have not yet challenged Abbott in 2022, though former legislator Beto O’Rourke has not allowed it.

Allen West won a seat at Florida House in 2010 and soon became a popular tea party and thunderstorm, once accusing Democrats of having 80 Communists in their bodies. He failed to win the new election in 2012.

He later moved to Texas and remained relatively unknown until he became president of the CCP last year. After winning the campaign, Westerners criticized both Republicans and Democrats, calling the Texas House speaker a “traitor” in his career in the hallway and leading a protest outside the Abbott Mansion on the coronavirus.

In May, the West spoke at a conference in Dallas hosted by QAnon conspirators and included former Trump spokesman Sidney Powell.

Abbott, who in the past has drawn only the main contenders, now faces two candidates in the past. Former GOP Senator Don Huffines is also on the run.

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RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden smacks Social Security Administration in political purge that is unprecedented

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden smacks Social Security Administration in political purge that is unprecedented
(Photo: fox news )

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden smacks Social Security Administration in political purge that is unprecedented-

Attacks on participants in our institutions are alive and well under President Joe Biden. Throughout his campaign, Biden has supported his legacy of double division and promised to close the group’s divisions. However, from the first day of his reign, Biden has returned to this promise to develop his powerful system at all levels of government.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) performs an important function that is inconsistent with managing the social security benefits of the millions of Americans on whom they rely. It is designed to be an independent, impartial service with its six-year-old Commissioner who lasts longer than the Presidential administration to provide stability and clear leadership to the service and its staff.

For years the organization and its commissioners have had a reputation for being neutral. For example, after his inauguration by President George W. Bush in 2007, SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue continued in office until 2013, covering the first term of President Barack Obama and advancing to the second.

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His latest Commissioner, Andrew Saul, was confirmed for a six-year term in June 2019 by a two-state vote of 77 to 16. As SSA Commissioner, Saul worked to improve the services provided by SSA by improving information technology (IT) infrastructure and hiring advanced staff with personal and telecommunications services, reducing leisure time and dealing with backlogs.

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Commissioner Saul took unprecedented steps to protect the health and safety of workers, while continuing to provide quality services. The service is in good shape thanks to the leadership of Commissioner Saul.

Under the 1994 Independence and Improvement Act, which makes the SSA an independent function separate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “job or vacancy”.

President Biden violated the Social Security Agency’s independent intentions by shooting Commissioner Saul not for his performance but for political purposes. This decision creates confusion and uncertainty over the ability of future SSA commissioners to operate in a non-discriminatory manner.

The unconstitutional removal of Commissioner Andrew Saul portrays another victim of President Biden’s hunt for witchcraft in order to clean up America in its institutions of people who do not share his political beliefs. President Biden puts party politics above human activity, in this case which includes critical services for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This is not an isolated incident – it is part of the pattern of this regime that expels Republicans from public service. From the US Fine Arts Commission on Social Security Administration, the Biden government has shown that it is able and willing to engage in politics at all levels of government to advance its agenda, regardless of the damage it does to workers and individual workers.

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The dismissal of civil servants is led by the left and its ambassadors on fire, with the exception of Democrats in Congress seeking consolation on the unstable border. In the case of Commissioner Saul, the civil service unions were embroiled in a campaign to discredit him, despite having a history of public service, both under President Bush and Obama on the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB).

The unions have filed complaints with Commissioner Saul, alleging that he has denied benefits to people with disabilities or is using “non-essential” literature to harass immigrants. In fact, the commissioner stopped both practices. Labor has removed an old page from its playbook: restore the word independent of lackey to use government negotiation efforts. Union leaders win and the American people are defeated.

Their main complaint is that Commissioner Saul has asked workers to return to work in July to better serve the American people in field offices and ministry. The move is seen as anti-workers, although Biden White House took a similar decision on its workers.

This witch hunt and the separation of government and Republics should intimidate all Americans.

The dismissal of Andrew Saul was an unprecedented and unconstitutional act that arises from the partnership and made politics a responsible resource management service.

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Antifa sympathizers celebrate death of Washington state sheriff’s deputy

Antifa sympathizers celebrate death of Washington state sheriff’s deputy
(Photo: foxnews )

Antifa sympathizers celebrate death of Washington state sheriff’s deputy-

Twitter accounts linked to the left-wing activist group Antifa are happy with the news that a deputy sheriff’s deputy has been shot dead.

“ONE @ClarkCoSheriff The deputy was shot in the head near Portland (Vancouver, Washington). Antifa accounts celebrate on Twitter in response.”

Accounts posted by Ngo show Twitter bios users using terms like “ACAB”, meaning “all police are hybrids” and responding to the news of the dead deputy with humorous comments. like “Hello, I’ll have a drink.”

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Calls for police reform, an act promoted by prominent Democrats across the country, have appeared on numerous CVs and tweets.One user responded to the news with “TAKBIR”, referring to the phrase “Allahu akbar”, in Arabic “God is wonderful”. One user with an Antifa logo as his profile picture celebrated the death of the pin by writing, “Certainly his big family is crying.”

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The deputy, who was later identified by authorities as to the deputy Jeremy Brown, 46, was present when he was shot while waiting on Friday night and later died at the hospital, authorities said. Two suspects were reportedly in custody in connection with the murder.

Earlier this week, an Oregon man was found guilty of arson, throwing an explosive device at a police officer, and shooting at a police station in Portland, Oregon.

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Chris Wallace Accuses GOP Of Defunding Police In Testy Fox News Interview

Chris Wallace Accuses GOP Of Defunding Police In Testy Fox News Interview
Fox news

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace turned the tables on spokesman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) On Sunday, accusing Republicans, not Democrats, of using the police amid rising crime rates.

Wallace has put pressure on banks to replace him, recently described in Fox News, as crime is on the rise due to the “violent” Black Lives Matter protests last year (but not the violent Capitol uprising perpetrated by Donald Trump supporters). “

Banks also complained to Fox News Sunday that Democrats had spent a year “staining” police and providing “a recipe for criminals in every American city.”

But that kept Wallace going, and he quickly accused the Republicans of being lawless.

Wallace noted that Republicans voted against President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion plan, which includes $ 350 billion to strengthen local law.

Biden called the program “a major part of the criminal case,” Wallace said. “Cities and countries can use that money to hire more police officers, invest in new technologies, and develop youth training and entertainment programs in the summer,” Wallace told banks.

“Congressman Banks, you voted for this package, to get that $ 350 billion, like any other Republican in Parliament and the Senate. Well, can’t you argue that you and the Republicans are focused on the police?” Wallace was pressured.

The banks said “no” and quickly returned to Democrats’ comments about the police until Wallace cut him off – repeatedly – in a failed attempt to pressure banks to answer the funding question.

Ironically, as a result of the Republicans’ protection from violent violence in the Capitol, the Banks emphasized: “If we turn our attention to law and order and our eyes to violence … we will definitely see an increase in crime.” But he only referred to the Black Lives Matter protests “last summer”.

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Black Oklahoma man held at gunpoint by police

“It seems like this is a ‘Let’s get the police to mess with him’ thing.”

Black Oklahoma man held at gunpoint by police
Image Credit: Norman Police Dept. via KOCO

Black Oklahoma man held at gunpoint by police, handcuffed after false 911 call

A Black Oklahoma man said he feared for his life after police pointed a gun at him and handcuffed him in response to a non-911 call saying he had taken a firearm out of anger.

In Normandy, Oklahoma, the police department released photos this week of police arresting Steven Bomar at gunpoint at Norman petrol station, which an apologetic official later told Bomar was “unintelligible.”

Bomar told ABC KOCO-TV’s Oklahoma City-based company that he wanted the caller to face charges and suffer the consequences of risking his life. He said he suspected the good man was the one who had cut him off, insulted him racistly, and followed him for miles.

ULt. Cary Bryant, a police spokeswoman, told ABC News on Wednesday that investigators had not yet found the driver who made the false complaint.

“It’s still being investigated,” Bryant said.
Bryant said the incident underscores how dangerous it can be to make a false 911 complaint.

Bryant said, “We consider these calls very important because you will never know about the current weather. “As for the police, they also hate being in that position.”

The incident happened on June 15 when a caller told a 911 dispatcher that “Black … in the Red Chevy area” pulled out a gun during a street fight.
“So I left because I didn’t trust stupid people because he cut me off. And then, I hurried back, and he pulled out a gun,” said the man who was driving the sender, according to the recording. phone 911 received by KOCO.

A video of the camera showed officials confronting Bomar, who was driving his brother’s red city to a gas station.

“Let me see your hands,” read a police officer pointing a gun at Bomar, according to the video.

Bomar, who was sitting in the car, was seen raising his hands and asking the officers why he had been arrested.

“I’m so scared now,” Bomar said as he got out of the car obeying orders to put his hands behind his back.

Another officer told Bomar, “Hold on, you’re not under arrest.”

When Bomar was handcuffed, he again asked, “What have I done?”

The officer replied, “Someone called you.”

Bomar told police he suspected the driver of the 911 was a white Nissan driver who initially cut him off at a fast-food restaurant.

“They were lowering their window, calling me a racist,” Bomar told police, according to camera footage. “I didn’t say anything to them. I didn’t respond. I just laughed at them, they followed me about three or four miles. Now, you’re pulling me.”

Bomar gave officials permission to search the towns, telling them behind the motorcycle driver that he did not have a gun.

The video shows a police officer searching for a car driven by Bomar and not finding any weapons.

In the video, the sender said he could not find the caller who called 911, saying the man did not answer his phone.

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US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border
Getty Image

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday defended himself against Republican critics who criticized him for his first trip to Mexico and Guatemala instead of visiting the US-Mexico border, saying he had crossed the border and would do it again.

After meeting with Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico City, Harris told reporters that “he has been to the border before and will be back again.”

Harris, who has been a member of the U.S. Senate from California since 2017 and traveled to the country as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, did not specify when he last visited the border.

President Joe Biden has asked him to work to reduce the number of immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border. She has said his main focus is on the causes and major causes of migration. He also visited Guatemala on his first overseas trip since taking office.

Some Republican lawyers have asked Harris to consider a border crossing, where migration has reached the highest level in 20 years and where assistance is urgently needed.

Harris, who has not been to the border since he became vice president, did not say when he would visit.

He defended his choice to travel south of the border in response to repeated questions from journalists, stressing the need for Biden management to address the root causes of migration to Central America.

“You can’t say you care about boundaries without caring about the causes,” Harris said.

However, he also described the situation on the southern border of the United States as “legal, legitimate”.

Harris noted that the US-Mexican border security cooperation included “the task of processing migration in Mexico and its southern borders.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki also said she did not have a possible travel schedule, but stressed that Harris’s job was to focus on Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

“Their job was to work with countries and leaders in the North Triangle to address the root causes, to address corruption, and we are definitely working together to address the crisis,” Psakis told White House reporters.

“We do not take advice from former President Trump or most of the Republicans who criticize us,” added Psakis.

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Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

China and Russia maintain frequent friendly communications and interactions, although the United States has sought to ease tensions with Russia and focus on competing with China. Some Washington strategists still want to keep up with their Cold War books to alienate Sino-Russian relations in order to serve the interests of the United States.

But they have made a fundamental mistake with religious thinking because today, Chinese analysts say, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States is in danger of following one path with the former Soviet Union as Washington’s overconfidence threatens both Beijing and Moscow. While China-Russia relations have no tension. Sino-Russian relations are the best in their history.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that relations between Russia and China have arrived at “Unprecedented levels” and the two sides share wide-ranging interests.

Russia is ready to deepen cooperation with China in many areas. Putin made the remarks via video link when asked by Xinhua news agency about China-Russia relations. Putin made a speech at a meeting with the head of a major foreign news agency in St Petersburg on Friday outside of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

He also said that he didn’t expect any major breakthroughs from a planned summit with US President Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland. But hopefully, the talks will be held in a favorable atmosphere, according to TASS.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at the Chinese University of Foreign Affairs, told the Global Times on Saturday, “Putin has no confidence in the US government. Russia is often betrayed by the US since the cold war possibility So that some US strategists await any discovery from the upcoming unilateral Putin-Biden summit.”

On many issues Whether military, security, or economic, the United States and its allies have repeatedly disappointed Russia. Although the Russian leadership expressed sincerity in improving relations with the West in the depths of the heart of the western powers, They have no respect for Russia at all. Their only hope is that Russia will continue to decline on the world stage. Foreign Affairs Specialist in Beijing who asked to remain anonymous.

“In the eyes of the United States and its Western allies, Russia is a polar bear in the bear’s eye The bear is now weakening. But these countries want to do more harm to Russia. They hope the bears will be able to “die on better days so they can eat meat and get their skins,” President Putin said.

on the contrary Relations between China and Russia continue to grow on the basis of the highest level of mutual trust and respect.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Talking on the phone on Friday. He pledged that China and Russia will actively support each other on issues of mutual interest.

Russia is willing to maintain close strategic coordination with China on international and regional issues. Solid support for each other on fundamental issues of interest violently opposed to sovereignty unreserved multilateral support to ensure mutual peace and security and to maintain international justice and justice, Lavrov said.

Some Western observers hope to see tensions between the United States and Russia eased so that Biden’s management can focus on competing with China.

Li said Western nations wanted to copy their successful strategy during the Cold War. Which focuses on competing with the Soviet Union “But actually Their thoughts are extremely religious.”

Because the United States There was a chance to take China out of the Soviet-led camp. The Soviet Union at that time threatened the United States and China seriously So Beijing and Washington automatically agreed on who their common enemy is, Lee said.

“But today, it’s a completely different story. The US, not China, is playing the role of It is the ‘Soviet Union’ that has pushed its two main rivals closer together,” said an anonymous foreign affairs expert.

Russia and China share the same perception for the case, according to a TASS report. Following the general situation of the Empire: believing in their limitless power and create unnecessary problems for themselves until they can no longer deal with them.

“As a former citizen of the USSR saw The problem with the empire is that they believe they are so powerful that they can tolerate inaccuracies and small mistakes,” Putin said. And at some point, they couldn’t deal with it any longer. And now the US is walking the path of the Soviet Union,” the Russian leader added.

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