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10 Most Deep Questions to Help You Find Your Life Motive

10 Most Deep Questions to Help You Find Your Life Motive

10 Most Deep Questions to Help You Find Your Life Motive

10 Most Deep Questions : So, proper now, get your Connector into the combination. Breathe. Relax. Maybe shut your eyes. Choose to change on. Trust and give up as a lot as you may.

Heart: Feel into your feelings, all through your physique/thoughts.

1. Over the final seven days, what moments have given you emotions of nice love, deep satisfaction, or goal?

2. Over the final month, when have you ever felt most switched on? What had been you doing? Who had been you being?

3. Over the final six months, when have you ever felt most alive and electrified? What had been you doing? Who had been you being?

4. Head: What are the best issues you’ve encountered in your life? In overcoming them, what abilities, items, and concepts have you ever developed?

5. What would you like your epitaph to be?

6. What would you like your grandkids to say about you?

7. Hands: Letting go of any shoulds or musts, pondering throughout a median day, what actions most encourage you?

8. What about while you had been a child earlier than any seriousness or ambition snuck in? Which reminiscences most electrify your physique/thoughts while you consider them?

9. If I’ve been placed on this planet by aliens to make use of all my insights, experiences, and items to deliver extra like to the world, what would I do every day?

10. If I by no means needed to work once more and all people adored me as I’m, what would I spend my days doing to really feel most fulfilled and most alive?

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US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border
Getty Image

US Vice President Harris vows to visit US southern border

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday defended himself against Republican critics who criticized him for his first trip to Mexico and Guatemala instead of visiting the US-Mexico border, saying he had crossed the border and would do it again.

After meeting with Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico City, Harris told reporters that “he has been to the border before and will be back again.”

Harris, who has been a member of the U.S. Senate from California since 2017 and traveled to the country as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, did not specify when he last visited the border.

President Joe Biden has asked him to work to reduce the number of immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border. She has said his main focus is on the causes and major causes of migration. He also visited Guatemala on his first overseas trip since taking office.

Some Republican lawyers have asked Harris to consider a border crossing, where migration has reached the highest level in 20 years and where assistance is urgently needed.

Harris, who has not been to the border since he became vice president, did not say when he would visit.

He defended his choice to travel south of the border in response to repeated questions from journalists, stressing the need for Biden management to address the root causes of migration to Central America.

“You can’t say you care about boundaries without caring about the causes,” Harris said.

However, he also described the situation on the southern border of the United States as “legal, legitimate”.

Harris noted that the US-Mexican border security cooperation included “the task of processing migration in Mexico and its southern borders.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki also said she did not have a possible travel schedule, but stressed that Harris’s job was to focus on Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

“Their job was to work with countries and leaders in the North Triangle to address the root causes, to address corruption, and we are definitely working together to address the crisis,” Psakis told White House reporters.

“We do not take advice from former President Trump or most of the Republicans who criticize us,” added Psakis.

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Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

Putin doesn’t trust Biden, it’s pointless for Washington to isolate China and Russia

China and Russia maintain frequent friendly communications and interactions, although the United States has sought to ease tensions with Russia and focus on competing with China. Some Washington strategists still want to keep up with their Cold War books to alienate Sino-Russian relations in order to serve the interests of the United States.

But they have made a fundamental mistake with religious thinking because today, Chinese analysts say, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States is in danger of following one path with the former Soviet Union as Washington’s overconfidence threatens both Beijing and Moscow. While China-Russia relations have no tension. Sino-Russian relations are the best in their history.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that relations between Russia and China have arrived at “Unprecedented levels” and the two sides share wide-ranging interests.

Russia is ready to deepen cooperation with China in many areas. Putin made the remarks via video link when asked by Xinhua news agency about China-Russia relations. Putin made a speech at a meeting with the head of a major foreign news agency in St Petersburg on Friday outside of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

He also said that he didn’t expect any major breakthroughs from a planned summit with US President Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland. But hopefully, the talks will be held in a favorable atmosphere, according to TASS.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at the Chinese University of Foreign Affairs, told the Global Times on Saturday, “Putin has no confidence in the US government. Russia is often betrayed by the US since the cold war possibility So that some US strategists await any discovery from the upcoming unilateral Putin-Biden summit.”

On many issues Whether military, security, or economic, the United States and its allies have repeatedly disappointed Russia. Although the Russian leadership expressed sincerity in improving relations with the West in the depths of the heart of the western powers, They have no respect for Russia at all. Their only hope is that Russia will continue to decline on the world stage. Foreign Affairs Specialist in Beijing who asked to remain anonymous.

“In the eyes of the United States and its Western allies, Russia is a polar bear in the bear’s eye The bear is now weakening. But these countries want to do more harm to Russia. They hope the bears will be able to “die on better days so they can eat meat and get their skins,” President Putin said.

on the contrary Relations between China and Russia continue to grow on the basis of the highest level of mutual trust and respect.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Talking on the phone on Friday. He pledged that China and Russia will actively support each other on issues of mutual interest.

Russia is willing to maintain close strategic coordination with China on international and regional issues. Solid support for each other on fundamental issues of interest violently opposed to sovereignty unreserved multilateral support to ensure mutual peace and security and to maintain international justice and justice, Lavrov said.

Some Western observers hope to see tensions between the United States and Russia eased so that Biden’s management can focus on competing with China.

Li said Western nations wanted to copy their successful strategy during the Cold War. Which focuses on competing with the Soviet Union “But actually Their thoughts are extremely religious.”

Because the United States There was a chance to take China out of the Soviet-led camp. The Soviet Union at that time threatened the United States and China seriously So Beijing and Washington automatically agreed on who their common enemy is, Lee said.

“But today, it’s a completely different story. The US, not China, is playing the role of It is the ‘Soviet Union’ that has pushed its two main rivals closer together,” said an anonymous foreign affairs expert.

Russia and China share the same perception for the case, according to a TASS report. Following the general situation of the Empire: believing in their limitless power and create unnecessary problems for themselves until they can no longer deal with them.

“As a former citizen of the USSR saw The problem with the empire is that they believe they are so powerful that they can tolerate inaccuracies and small mistakes,” Putin said. And at some point, they couldn’t deal with it any longer. And now the US is walking the path of the Soviet Union,” the Russian leader added.

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Republicans poised to terminate creation of Jan. 6 commission

Republicans point to ongoing congressional probes of the Capitol riot as enough.

Republicans poised to terminate creation of Jan. 6 commission
Getty Image

Republicans poised to terminate creation of Jan. 6 commission

The Republican Senate is ready to dismiss an effort on Thursday to set up a bilateral independent commission to study the Jan. 6 attack on U.S. government agencies that killed five people.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced opposition last week, along with SDP partner Kevin McCarthy, ahead of a House vote approving the move, with 35 Republicans. People join the Democrats.

The GOP’s high-profile move provided political coverage for most Republicans in both chambers to deny the law.

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“This is a purely political exercise that does not add any information,” McConnell told reporters Tuesday, noting that there is an ongoing joint investigation into the attacks by the Senate Rules and the Internal Security Committee which is expected to generate about 80 pages of the report in early June.

McConnell, McCarthy, and most Republicans said they fear Democrats would try to get politics out of the committee with any findings in the pivotal year of the 2022 midterm elections. Controlling both chambers is at risk.

Democrats, however, say the real reason is Republicans are wary of former President Donald Trump, who is accused of inciting a mob that destroys Congress in an attempt to overthrow the election. In 2020 and still pretending that the election was stolen.

“I’m sorry that the independent committee considering our democracy is not a good idea for Republican advertisers.

That’s very important, ”said D-NY Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“We need more independent, credible, and more independent bilateral committees than ever before,” said Schumer.

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Hour-by-hour: Biden’s push for a cease-fire behind the scenes

Hour-by-hour: Biden’s push for a cease-fire behind the scenes

The diplomatic turmoil is over and Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu calls on President Joe Biden to show that the fierce battle between Israel and Hamas is coming to an end.

But Biden remained cautious, despite calling in the afternoon, things could go wrong for hours before the truce went into effect, his team said.

A neurotic White House aide holds talks in Tel Aviv and Cairo to discuss whether the truce will take effect. Both officials in the US Like Israel, worried that another Hamas rocket could still sink the Egyptian deal, officials familiar with the negotiations said.

Then there was another call from Netanyahu, his second in Biden, within hours, confirming to the US president that the 11-day war was over.

Biden’s first major foreign policy crisis, which he largely avoided by circumventing behind-the-scenes cameras and maneuvers – has subsided.

The President walked in front of the camera in White House Cross Hall to describe “Intense Hourly High-Level Debate, Literally” by the United States in Egypt, a Palestinian Authority, and other Middle Eastern countries

He said that all of this happened. “To avoid protracted conflicts, as we’ve seen in previous years when fighting strikes”.

Also Read: Biden’s Pattern with Israel: Public Support, Private Scolding

The Biden-Netanyahu negotiations are just a small example of the furious diplomacy of the White House. The president and a senior aide have more than 80 commitments, either by phone or in person, as they look to the final game in the fight, according to the White House.

Biden’s speech to celebrate the ceasefire lasted just three minutes – delivered on time for the evening announcement. He reiterated the belief that Israel has the right to defend itself, condolences the Palestinian civilians killed in the Israeli bombing, and promises humanitarian aid to Gaza.

It is a bewildering and perhaps fitting library for the Middle East dirty crisis that he hopes to avoid, especially in the early days of his presidency that overshadowed the management of public health and the economic turmoil it caused. From the great outbreak of the Koran.

The clash also revealed a crack between Biden and his party members. The president, who spent nearly 50 years in national politics, has a reputation for unwavering support for Israel, leading the Democratic Party with increasingly different views on the right path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And Republicans, for their part, were more than willing to use violent violence as a bullet against Biden’s presidency.

Biden avoided publicly commenting on the Israeli military attacks as the conflict escalated. But as days passed, he faced growing pressure from fellow Democrats to speak out against the Israelites as the death toll rose in Gaza and tens of thousands of Palestinians. The people had to be replaced by airstrikes.

With it over, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy expressed relief at the ceasefire and praised Biden and his team. But he continued to express his concern, saying: “I am deeply concerned that without significant progress towards the future of the two states, the conditions of despair will continue to escalate and lead to a greater degree of despair.” A sad renewal of the cycle of violence “.

The ceasefire was announced Wednesday after Biden raised pressure on Netanyahu, telling the Israeli leader by phone he expected the conflict to It “escalated significantly” by the end of the day, according to the White House. But the Prime Minister immediately returned with a public statement that he “Determined to continue” Operation Gaza “Until the goal is achieved”.

Biden’s advisers were not overly concerned that Netanyahu’s comments appeared to reject the president’s public appeal for the facility, according to the official, speaking of the condition of anonymity due to the man. There is no power in private debate.

U.S. officials believe Netanyahu did not want to telegram to Hamas in advance that he was ready to accept the conditions for ending the violence, and that Israeli leaders also sent a message to home crowds injured by Gaza rockets.

But the pressure is on Biden, and he, on the contrary, makes Netanyahu known.

On Tuesday in Michigan to visit a Ford Democrat’s factory, Trump faced Biden at the asphalt airport and asked him to speak out against the Israeli protests. Also this week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York issued a resolution banning the sale of $ 735 million worth of military weapons. With Israel, which has already been approved by the Biden government.

“There is hoped there will be a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip,” Saunders said on Thursday night, “but that is not enough, our duty now to support humanitarian aid and rehabilitate the people of the Strip Sa desperately needs and finally seeks to bring peace to the region.

Biden advisers concluded that in the early days of the crisis, as Hamas fired hundreds of rockets on Israel, the president’s call for Israeli sanctions had to be passed. At the same time, at the start of the crisis, the White House was deeply concerned that the battle could become something that would take months to calm.

As outsiders urged Biden to speak more seriously, the president and top aides personally clarified to Israeli officials that time was not on their side.

Biden and Netanyahu have known each other for over 30 years and often hit each other on the head. Their conversations throughout the crisis surveyed each other as they tried to find their way forward, according to officials.

White House officials cited gruesome evidence to point out that Biden’s efforts behind diplomacy have worked: the recent Israel-Hamas war, which killed at least 230 people in Gaza and at least 12. People in Israel – Less blood than any other major violence in the region.

Biden, in his brief commentary on the ceasefire, stated that for the Iron Dome, a missile defense system developed by the United States and Israel, the military numbers would be much worse. The system is designed to detect and destroy missiles and short-range firearms. Biden said he reassured Netanyahu that his administration will quickly replace him.

He also promised that humanitarian aid would flow swiftly through the Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank. But not the Gaza Strip.

“We will do this in full cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, not with Hamas … and in a way that does not allow Hamas to reuse its military arsenal,” Biden said.

However, details on ballistic supplies and humanitarian aid may have to wait another day.

Biden concludes with a promising message: “I believe we have a real opportunity to progress and I am determined to accomplish the task.”

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