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10 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza, unrest spread to West Bank

10 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza, unrest spread to West Bank
Palestinians flee their homes after overnight Israeli heavy missile strikes on their neighborhoods in the outskirts of Gaza City, Friday, May 14, 2021. (Getty image)

10 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza, unrest spread to West Bank

Gaza City, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City killed at least 10 Palestinians, most of them children, the deadliest since a fight with Gaza military forces in Hamas earlier this week In one of the attacks. Both sides push for gains when efforts to stop the fight intensify.

Outbreaks of recent violence have begun in Jerusalem and spread rapidly in the region, with Jewish and Arab conflicts and violence in mixed cities in Israel. There were also protests in Palestine on Friday in the West Bank, where Israeli soldiers shot and killed 11 people.

The escalating violence has led to fears of a new Palestinian “intifada” or rebellion at a time when there have been no peace talks in recent years. Palestinians were scheduled to celebrate Nakba Day on Saturday, in memory of an estimated 700,000 people who had now fled or displaced Israel during the 1948 war, sparking further unrest.

As part of Washington’s efforts to end the war, US Attorney Handy Amar arrived in the region on Friday and a UN Security Council meeting was scheduled to take place on Sunday. But Israel rejected Egypt’s offer for a one-year contract, which was accepted by Gaza’s military commanders, an Egyptian official said on condition of anonymity on Friday.

Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel since Monday night, attacking the Gaza Strip. At least 126 people including 31 children and 20 women have died in Gaza; Seven people, including a six-year-old boy and a soldier, died in Israel.

Rocket fire from Gaza and Israeli bombings in the occupied Palestinian territory continued until Saturday when a plane crashed into a three-story house in a refugee camp in Gaza City, killing eight children and two women of an extended family – The highest number of single hit deaths.

Mohammed Abu Hatab told the media that his wife and five children were celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr with relatives. She and her three children, aged 6 to 14, were killed and an 11-year-old girl went missing. Only his five-month-old son Omar is known to be alive.

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Alghoul, who lives nearby, said Israeli warplanes dropped at least three bombs on the city without warning residents. “I couldn’t afford it and ran to my house,” he said.

Shortly afterward, Hamas claimed to have detonated rocket launchers in southern Israel in response to an attack on the airport. A family of six died in a fire in Israel on Friday morning and thousands were sent to flee UN-run shelters. The army said that 160 warplanes dropped 80 tons of explosives within 40 minutes of the operation and successfully destroyed a large tunnel used by Hamas.

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the military aimed to reduce the number of stone attacks. But measures are taken in other attacks, such as firing bullets to release civilians, “were not possible at this time.”

Israeli military journalists say soldiers believe many soldiers died in the trenches. Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups have confirmed the deaths of 20 people in their ranks, but Israeli forces say the actual number is much higher.

Gaza’s infrastructure, which has already deteriorated as a result of Israeli and Egyptian sanctions imposed since Hamas took power in 2007, has shown signs of deterioration, including civilian casualties.

The United Nations said that Ghazan faces daily power cuts for 8–12 hours and has limited access to at least 230,000 tap water. The poor and densely populated region is home to two million Palestinians, most of whom are now descendants of Israeli refugees.

Controversy has increased. The cities of Israel have a mixed Arab and Jewish population that sees violence daily, and crowds of each community fight in the streets and consume each other’s wealth.

In the densely populated West Bank, on the outskirts of Ramallah, Nablus, and other cities and towns, hundreds of Palestinians protested the Gaza campaign and Israeli actions in Jerusalem. They hoisted Palestinian flags, trucked tires, and threw stones at Israeli soldiers. Soldiers shot and killed at least 10 protesters. An eleven-year-old Palestinian died in an attempt to stab a soldier in a barrack.

East of Jerusalem, an online video shows young Jewish foreigners in Sheikh Jarrah selling guns with Palestinians selling quantities of stone, was the basis of intense efforts by residents to forcibly evict many Palestinian families from their homes.

On the northern border of Israel, soldiers crossed the border and opened fire on a group of Lebanese and Palestinian protesters on the other side of the border. A Lebanese man has died. Three rockets were fired at Israel from neighboring Syria without any injury or injury. It is not immediately clear who fired them.

Tensions erupted east of Jerusalem earlier this month when Palestinian protests against the removal of Sheikh Jarrah and the Israeli police took place at al-Aqsa Mosque, a typical mountain town(revered by Muslims and Jews) in the old city.

Hamas fired rockets near Jerusalem late Monday night to prove itself the champion of the protests. In the war that started from there, Israel says that it wants to do as much damage to the military structure of Hamas in Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that Hamas will “pay more” for the rocket attack as Israel gathers troops along the border. American President Joe Biden has expressed favor to support Israel, saying he hopes to control the violence.

According to Israeli forces, Hamas has fired about 2,000 rockets at Israel since Monday. Most have been shot down by archers, but murderous cities in southern Israel have caused disruption at airports and deflected air strikes from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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Taiwan plans $9 bln boost in arms spending, warns of ‘severe threat’

Taiwan plans  bln boost in arms spending, warns of ‘severe threat’
Photo: Reuters

TAIPEI, Sept 16 – On Thursday Taiwan proposed an additional T$240 billion ($ 8.69 billion) defense over the next five years, including new arrows, as it warned of an urgent “urgent need for China’s largest neighbor.”

Taiwanese President Xi Ying-wen has made armed militants – well-armed but ashamed of the Chinese – a very important factor and increasing security spending, especially as Beijing increases its political pressure on the island. “Holy” is a Chinese place.

The new money, valued at T$471.7 billion in military spending by 2022, will have to be approved by parliament, where the ruling Tsai party has a large margin, meaning its passing must be smooth.

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“Chinese communists have continued to invest heavily in national defense budgets, their military capabilities are growing rapidly and they often send planes and ships to attack and disrupt our seas and territories,” the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said in a statement. . meeting.

“In the face of major threats from the enemy, the country’s military has been involved in military recruiting and preparatory work and it is urgent that we have a massive production of weapons and equipment in a timely manner.”

Defense Secretary Wang Shin-lung has told the media that all new weapons will be developed in the domestic market as Taiwan strengthens its manufacturing capacity, although the United States is likely to remain a major supplier of goods and technology.

Taiwan was determined to show that it could defend itself, especially in the midst of questions about whether the United States would help if China attacked.

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“Only if we ensure our safety and show determination will the international community think well of us,” said Lo Ping-Cheng, a Cabinet spokesman. “Others will only help us if we help ourselves.”

The weapons Taiwan intends to buy with the money include archers and warships, the department said.

Taiwan is testing long-range missiles in its southern and eastern parts, and while it did not provide details, strategists and experts said they could not hit targets far from China.

More money may have been received by Washington, pressuring Taiwan to modernize its troops so that it could move more and more into a “pig” that is difficult for China to attack.

Taiwan has already introduced a new category of highly sophisticated warships, Taiwan has been dubbed the “aircraft killer” due to the addition of arrows and is developing its own submarines.

The announcement comes as Taiwan is in the middle of a military exercise in the year of Han Kuang. Learn more

On Thursday, the Taiwanese military aimed to prevent an offensive attack by firing into the sea off the coast of its southern coast.

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China shows off defence diplomacy with multinational peacekeeping drill

China shows off defence diplomacy with multinational peacekeeping drill
REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

QUESHAN, China, Sept 15 – Chinese troops completed their first peacekeeping mission on Wednesday, demonstrating their ability to fight with drones and mine-clearing robots as they seek to create a better image.

As the Asian giant upgrades and strengthens its troops, raising hundreds of billions of dollars a year in its defense budget, it has also sought to reassure other countries that its military is power for great, not a danger.

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About 1,000 soldiers from China, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Thailand took part in a ten-day training program for the People’s Liberation Army in Queshan County in central Henan Province, though most of the soldiers appear to be Chinese.

The mission, inscribed with the name “Shared Destiny 2021,” emphasized China’s position “as a defender of world peace and security,” Colonel Lu Jianxin, a military expert in China, told reporters.

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Soldiers, in front of a small group of journalists, observed the clashes between terrorists and peacekeepers in the war-torn land of Karana.

The operation was based on a 2016 incident in Mali when a Chinese peacekeeper killed one of them.

The military also reported the location of an incident based on another incident in 2016 in South Sudan, where peacekeepers were supposed to protect civilians involved in clashes between groups.

In another case, unmanned planes flew to the battlefield to retrieve bombs, which, in turn, detonated robots. Drones also doubled as speakers and distributed colorful tracts urging people to stop fighting.

Exercise has also been an exhibition of Chinese military equipment. Foreign troops are being trained in Chinese weapons and equipment.

“The utilization of Chinese hardware by unfamiliar soldiers could be viewed as an indication of work on military participation … also, fully intent on offering it to unfamiliar soldiers, said Collin Koh, a security researcher in Singapore at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

China has repeatedly tried to alleviate concerns in neighboring countries even more with its military intentions, even though it regularly conducts tests near Taiwan called China and the disputed South China Sea.

China shows off defence diplomacy with multinational peacekeeping drill
Pakistan soldiers take part in a multinational U.N. peacekeeping military exercise with troops of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Mongolia, and Thailand, on the outskirts of Zhumadian, Henan province, China September 15, 2021. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

China is proud to be the world’s largest peacekeeping force, represented by five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

As the second-largest financial contribution, China accounted for 15% of the total cost of UN peacekeeping operations by 2020.

Since 1990, it has sent 50,000 troops to take part in 25 international peacekeeping missions, built or repaired more than 10,000 miles [17,000 km] of roads and bridges, and cleared 18,000 mined, says expert Lou.

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Three killed after gas explosion destroys residential building in Russia

Three killed after gas explosion destroys residential building in Russia

MOSCOW, September 11 – Three people, including an 11-year-old girl, were killed in a gas explosion in a two-story building in a Russian suburb on Saturday morning, said by Igor Artamonov, the head of Lipetsk region.

Videos show the damage to a building in Solidarnost, a village about 400 km (250 miles) south of Moscow, and local rescuers, who are trying to clear away debris.

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Six other people were injured, the TASS agency reported, quoting Vassily Razmunov, head of the local emergency department.

The regional branch of the Russian Commission of Inquiry said a gas explosion in the center of the building caused the collapse.

Investigators say they have launched a criminal case on the grounds that the services provided do not meet security requirements.

Gas explosions are very common in Russia because of the aging infrastructure and minor safety regulations related to gas use. Two people were killed earlier this week when a nine-story building exploded.

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Taiwan says strong typhoon may hit land this weekend

Taiwan says strong typhoon may hit land this weekend

TAIPEI, Sept 10 – Taiwan said on Friday that typhoon Chanthu could reach the country this weekend, bringing strong winds and rain to the first hurricane to hit the island in two years.

Taiwan’s Central Meteorological Agency said the storm was expected to hit a small coastal area and mountains east of the island before reaching the northeast corner Sunday afternoon near the capital Taipei and then head for Zhejiang.

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Taiwan’s Department of Transportation said 12 domestic flights had already been canceled, although there was no impact on international flights.

The Tropical Storm Risk watchdog reported that it would hit Taiwan as a hurricane in phase 4, one level below the hurricane, with winds of up to 250 km / h (156 mp / h) and a flow of energy.

However, according to the Central Meteorological Agency, it may be far enough away from the world’s largest Taiwan semiconductor plants on the west coast to avoid damaging chip plants that provide everything from smartphones to cars.

In 2009, streak floods and avalanches brought about by Hurricane Morakot killed at least 700 individuals in Taiwan, the deadliest storm on the island.

Taiwan’s underground state relies on a storm to fill its dams, but with no one arriving on the island last year, water levels have dropped dramatically, leading to the worst drought in Taiwan in history and widespread water restrictions.

The drought ended after heavy rains in late spring and early summer.

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US, NATO allies back to square one in Afghanistan after 20 years war on terrorism

US, NATO allies back to square one in Afghanistan after 20 years war on terrorism
Getty Image

Kabul [Afghanistan]: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) returns to first place in Afghanistan. They ended their journey to a war-torn nation where they started 20 years ago.

The United States and its NATO allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 to overthrow the Taliban, considered a “terrorist war,” and spent billions, but the end led to the formation of the “Islamic Emirate” Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to the International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS), this never-ending war in the so-called “Empire Cemetery” has left the Taliban unharmed and unscathed thanks to Pakistan’s ongoing gratitude for more than 20 years.

It is important to understand that Pakistan, which has controlled terrorist groups such as the Haqqani Network, Quetta Sura, and the Al Qaeda leadership, has never been fully accepted by the United States and its allies.

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For its part, NATO also ignored a number of details during its alliance with Pakistan, given a decade-long confrontation that sparked many negative thoughts, IFFRAS said.

For the provinces concerned, it is a matter of question as to whether this multi-billion dollar project was really worth it.

Establishing terrorist bases in Afghanistan will be easier with Taliban control, as camps for groups such as LeT and JeM are reportedly migrating to Afghanistan from Pakistan to avoid the blacklist of FATF, reports IFFRAS.

In addition, the NATO-backed government and all other institutions built over the past 20 years have been completely destroyed and the Taliban have openly declared that women’s rights are in Sharia.

Although many big statements are made by the Taliban, the human rights situation on the ground, especially for young women and women, is getting worse with each passing day.

In addition, the cost of the war to the United States and its NATO allies was billions. According to US government figures, when the country had more than 100,000 troops in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2012, military spending rose to nearly $ 100 billion a year, reports IFFRAS.

The United Kingdom and Germany had sent a large number of troops to Afghanistan behind the United States and spent $ 30 billion and $ 19 billion respectively during a long crisis.

It can be acknowledged that large amounts of investment in the country have disappeared as corruption, fraud, and account management for years, IFFRAS said.

In a report to the US Congress in October 2020, the person in charge of overseeing the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan estimated that approximately US $ 19 billion was lost in this way between May 2009 and December 31, 2019.

Today, Americans, NATO allies, and Afghans are disappointed with the price of the war. The United States and other NATO countries have lost thousands of people and most of the Afghan people have died although people continue to be evacuated.

In addition, billions of American dollars are still a debt that American generations have to bear. But Afghanistan has finally returned to where it was, under Taliban rule, just as the world had found it, almost 20 years ago, IFFRAS said.

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Russian Minister dies trying to save a cameraman during Arctic exercise

Russian Minister dies trying to save a cameraman during Arctic exercise
Russia's Emergencies Minister Yevgeny Zinichev sits in a helicopter as he accompanies President Vladimir Putin in a flight over wildfires sites in Chelyabinsk region, Russia. via REUTERS

MOSCOW, Sept 8 – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former bodyguard, Yevgeny Zinichev, was killed while exercising in the Arctic city of Norilsk on Wednesday while trying to save the life of a former film star, his department said on Monday.

Yevgeny Zinichev, 55, who has been in charge of the emergency department since 2018, has been in the remote city of Norilsk to look for major tests in the area.

The ministry said in an explanation that he had passed on while attempting to protect Alexander Melnik, who had headed out to Norilsk to accomplish documentary work in the Arctic and North Sea Routes.

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He said Melnik slipped on a wet rock and fell. ” Evgeny strove to catch Alexander and he jumped up and followed him, but unfortunately, they both crashed after falling off a bluff and into a mountain river, ” he said.

Zinichev had been tipped as a possible successor to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pictured: Zinichev (left) and Putin during an April 2020 meeting
Zinichev had been tipped as a possible successor to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pictured: Zinichev (left) and Putin during an April 2020 meeting (Alexei Druzhinin/TASS)

Margarita Simonyan, the chief editor of Russian TV channel RT, commented separately on Twitter.

“There had been many witnesses – no one even had time to assume about what took place when Zinichev used to be thrown into the water of a fallen man and hit a rock that had come out,” he said.

The department said in a previous statement on Wednesday that Zinichev had visited the construction site of a new fire station in Norilsk and a team of researchers and rescue workers in the area.

A biography quoted by state media reported that Zinichev was born in St. Petersburg.

He has served as Putin’s bodyguard and assistant, according to the RBC news website. numerous pics of Putin at public events over the days show Zinichev standing on Putin’s shoulder.

Zinichev later grew to become the deputy head of the Federal Security Service and served quickly as Kaliningrad’s appearing deputy. The Kremlin said Putin had expressed his grief.

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